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With my range of products I hope to show that things made of natural and recycled materials can function great and still be chic. Some are available for sale if you go to "SHOP". For others, feel free to contact me and I can keep you updated on the product launch.

  • cocoStripper

cocoStripper is a kitchen utensil for stripping herbs and greens from their stems. It's a handy tool for food prep, be it making herb garnishes for food and drinks, or kale chips and sautéed greens.


cocoScraper is another kitchen utensil made from coconut shell, but this time for helping clean burnt on food from pots, pans, woks, baking sheets and more. Its shape makes it perfect for both for curved and flat surfaces, while its corners make it great for griddles and anything else with nooks and crannies.

  • cocoEarring

  • cocoNecklace

  • Oak Comb

  • Chest Harness

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