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Bamboo, old bicycle tire inner tubes, a snap button, plywood, cork and thread


BamStand is a musical instrument stand made almost entirely from bamboo poles and old bicycle tire inner tubes. 


The minimal, triangular form cradles the instrument and has great stability. The inner tubes join the bamboo poles while providing a soft and grippy contact with the musical instruments . An inner tube valve is used for the overlapping joint too, onto which is fixed a snapper button so the stand can be quickly folded away and carried securly. 


I have also made it so the valve joint can be easily removed so the stand can be folded into a tube for even more compact storage and shipping.


Key benefits of this stand are its light weight and portability, its low environmental impact, and its use of bamboo which aesthetically complements the, often wooden, instruments which sit on it.


Although originally developed for a guitar, the BamStand is also suitable for violins, cellos, banjos and many other string instruments. I'll be in touch to enquire what kind of instrument you would like to support once you order, or you can contact me to discuss beforehand.



Shipped in 2 - 3 weeks
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