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Made from eco-friendly, durable coconut shell, cocoScraper is a tool that effectively removes burnt-on food from pots, pans, baking sheets and much more.

The tough edges of cocoScraper scrape baked-on stuff, but wont scratch and damage what you're cleaning.

Because of the curved nature of coconut shell, cocoScraper is great for curved surfaces such as woks, or flat surfaces, depending on the angle you hold it at. The corners are really good at getting stuff out of nooks and crannies, such as those on an air-fryer crisper plate.

With a smooth, rounded, but textured grip, cocoScraper has a minimal and ergonomic design that works equally well if you're left or right handed and its safe for kids too.


It has a hole so that you can store it hanging up, or simply stand it on the surface of your countertop or sink, ready for action!

As well as the product itself, its packaging and shipping materials are completely biodegradable.


    • Handmade

    • Delivery from a small business in 

      United Kingdom

    • Materials: Wood

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